Prison Oversight


Office of the Department of Corrections Ombudsman (the “Office”) Budget $250,000 Staffing No dedicated employees as of November 2023, but[...]


Office of Corrections Ombudsman (the “Ombudsman”) Budget $365,928 (FY 2022-23) Staffing One employee, the Ombudsman. State Prison Profile Oregon has[...]


Independent Prison Oversight Commission (the “Commission”) Budget Not yet active Staffing Not yet active State Prison Profile Arizona has 16[...]

District of Columbia

Corrections Information Council (CIC) Budget $736,360 (FY 2020) Staffing 10 staff members DC Prison Profile DC residents convicted of felonies[...]


Office of the Inspector General (OIG) Budget $41.974 million (Proposed FY 2022-23) Staffing Approximately 211 (Proposed FY 2022-23) State Prison[...]


Department of Correction Indiana Ombudsman Bureau (Bureau) Budget $202,438 (FY 2021-23) Staffing 2 staff members State Prison Profile Indiana has[...]


The Iowa Office of the Ombudsman Budget $1,767,576 (FY 2021); as of 2022, corrections-related cases account for approximately 50% of[...]


Legislative Corrections Ombudsman (LCO) Budget $1.022 million (FY 2021-22) Staffing 9 staff members State Prison Profile Michigan has 27 state[...]


Office of the Ombuds for Corrections (OBFC) Budget $659,000 (FY 2022) Staffing 5 staff members State Prison Profile Minnesota has[...]


Office of the Inspector General of the Nebraska Correctional System (OIG) Budget Approximately $200,000 Staffing 2 staff members State Prison[...]


Correction Ombuds Office (COO) In 2022, Connecticut passed a law creating a two-part independent prison oversight structure, consisting of the[...]


John Howard Association of Illinois (JHA) Budget $805,000 (2022) Staffing 7 staff members State Prison Profile Illinois has 34 state[...]