2023 Annual Report

This annual report summarizes the work of the Inspector General of Corrections over the past year (2022-2023) and provides updates on various observations and recommendations the office has made in recent years. Among the findings in its report, the Inspector General showed Nebraska’s prison system made progress since 2015 in reducing the total number of people placed in restrictive housing as well as the number placed in restrictive housing for more than six months at a time. The Inspector General also noted that, despite this progress, challenges with ensuring transition plans address the period after a person is released to a less restrictive setting remains an area of concern. Other concerns in the report include an increase in staff turnover and vacancies, shortages of healthcare staff, and incomplete studies about the classification system and programming, both of which were required by the Legislature. The Inspector General submitted an initial draft of the report to the Department of Correctional Services, which accepted some of the recommendations with modifications earlier this year.