Annual Report 2022-2023

This is the 50th Annual Report of the Office of the Correctional Investigator and includes its findings and recommendations from the investigations OCI conducted over the last 12 months (2022-2023), including two thematic investigations on the rising cost of living behind bars and the use of dry cells. The report also includes findings from an in-depth investigation into the state of Indigenous Corrections in Canada. Since the OCI’s last report on this population, Spirit Matters: Aboriginal People and the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, in 2013, the proportion of Indigenous people has increased from 23% to 32% of all federally incarcerated individuals in the country. The report documents the often-missing voices, experiences, and testimonies of incarcerated Indigenous people and includes insights and perspectives of Elders, who provide spiritual, cultural, and advisory services inside federal prisons. In total, OCI offers 22 recommendations for the Correctional Service of Canada and the Minister of Public Safety on topics such as payments made by incarcerated people, dry cell detention, patient advocacy, and incidents and interventions that resulted in death behind bars. 12 of the 22 recommendations are focused on a number of issues related to improving the correctional environment for Indigenous people.