Opening Up a Closed World: A Sourcebook on Prison Oversight

This Sourcebook, published as a special edition of a law review, is a product of a seminal three-day international conference on prison oversight held at the University of Texas in 2006 entitled “Opening Up a Closed World: What Constitutes Effective Prison Oversight?” The conference brought together 115 of the world‘s leading correctional experts, including 20 percent of corrections commissioners and directors in the U.S., as well as lawmakers, researchers, reform advocates, and oversight practitioners from across the U.S. and Europe, to closely examine a range of prison oversight mechanisms—international models and domestic—and to explore ways that external prison oversight in the U.S. can be enhanced. This volume of 21 papers, written by conference participants, contains essential information about correctional oversight mechanisms that can be useful for practitioners, advocates, scholars, and others who are interested in the concept. While somewhat dated, it remains the single most comprehensive multi-authored resource on the subject of correctional oversight.